A Caution to "Conscious Coaches"

with Coach Travis Mash and Gabriel Villarreal, LPC

Ever read "Conscious Coaching". We all did...and it didn't sit right with us either. After a discussion and debate, we, Gabriel Villarreal, LPC and Coach Travis Mash, decided to hit record to reflect on their takeaways, insights and the better way. And you'll be glad they did; Gabriel helps Travis understand and articulate what Travis couldn't quite put his finger on when reading the book because "..it just didn't seem right" with him.

Listen as Gabriel gives you a history lesson on counseling, why it trumps "leadership" skills when coaching and why their way, builds lasting, life change results in their athletes in members. Because it's not enough to help people get better in the gym, we must help them improve in life.

We hope you enjoy this behind the scene's convo on the real craft of coaching.